Monday, April 28, 2014

Tech Tip

I had a customer bring a wheel in with all the sprocket bolts broken. They were going to try to drill them out which most likely would have resulted in a ruined wheel. Instead I tig welded the bolts up past the surface of the hub, dropped a nut on there and welded them up.

I welded all five and then sprayed penetrating lube on them. Next fire up your torch and heat the hub until your lube is boiling and bubbling!

Once she is toasty take an ice cube and chill the bolt, leaving the hub hot. Take your wrench and start wiggling them. Little more lube and out they come leaving the threads perfectly intact!

You can use this fix on all kind of situations! Good luck!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Impressive fix, almost as impressive as some kook managing to shear all five bolts off . . . wtf??

Mr. G said...

fancy! Make sure those suckers are tight? hahaha

pat said...

the guy tried taking them off with an air impact.....going the wrong direction...5 times!