Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bearded Lady 2013

I have been going to this show for the last 3 years and it never disappoints. You won't find a more diverse motorcycle show or people show. I think its awesome that both can be so different and I appreciate them all for what they are...still talking bikes and people!

Everything from choppers, stock restorations, brits, homebuilt death traps, moped gangs, its all there. The highlight of the show for me was seeing Jordan Dickinson's bike he built for Born Free 5. It is probably one of the nicest bikes from a point of fabrication and simplicity that I have seen. I got to catch up with Jordan for about an hour and just stared at the bike for another half hour. Pics do it no justice at all, hope everyone gets to see it.

The Yamaha ran great but snapped an exhaust mount on that shitty section of highway 61 from miesville to red wing. I can do just shy of 40 miles to a tank and can hold about .7 of a gallon.

Just when I think I can sell it, I find myself loving it even more. Its a keeper it looks like.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Nice shots of an eclectic and cool array of scoots, cheers.

Mr. G said...

that last little honda is WILD!!