Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pan Repair, No Not Panhead, Dummy

 It's a good thing I spent the time to really clean the oil pan for my '53 Dodge, because this thing would have leaked from the Get-Go.
Sandblasting revealed a bunch of little pinholes on the bottom (the rest was beautifully preserved by dirt,grease & oil)
I stole a drain plug outta somebody's harley(hope they don't need it), machined up a bung, & patched it up!
( I mounted the bung inside the pan for added ground clearance, & the extra side holes get all the oil out of the pan. My dad is real handy & we have fun making stuff in the shop)


Knucklenutz said...

I found better than 2 inches of sludge in the bottom of the pan from my Flatty. How bad was yours Pat ?

pat said...

this one was about 1/4". so not bad. lol.