Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Newer and better

These knuckleheads are all aluminum. Think of the possibilities.


Knucklenutz said...


Mr. G said...


That is their website. LOTSA cool knuckle parts. I knew I'd get your attention!!

Knucklenutz said...

Thanks man, I'm on it like stink on shit !

Knucklenutz said...

Here is the reply that I got from Motoren over in Germany :

The heads are geting testet as we speek. They are ready in 4 Weeks for sale.

Original Cast
Exhaust Valve stock
Intake Valve ( Bigger 50mm )
more strenght
better cooling
less weight

Heads seats installed,
special head bold set ( bare ) 1600,- set
Heads with Valves, Springs and lower Tins installed,
Special head bold set 2200,- set
Heads compl. with Rockers ,
Tins , Rockerhousing , special head bold set ( ready to bolt on ) 3200,-

These are performance heads with bigger Intake valves, they have 15hp more and look like original, just in Aluminum.
Better cooling and less weight.

Thank you
I wonder who will be the first to sport a set of these heads ?

Noot said...

Now they'll be like a "troublehead" -Seats fall out, inserts pull down,
gasket surface warpage, fins bend and brake, heli-coils everywhere,
guides fall out. Blow a head gasket and cut a grove. I'll take a nice set of ironheads anyday - and they ain't $3200 - holy shit !

Mr. G said...

Lol NOOT! Easy on the troubled heads. Just gotta make sure the head bolts are tight every once in a while and ensure the surfaces were flat before you bolted them together and the head bolt inserts were countersunk! 3200 will buy you a panchop down in Iowa, or so I've heard...