Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shop Truck

After taking two steps forward and 3 steps back on my 59 last night I was reading some stories on AEE Choppers and found a pic of their old shop truck. By the looks of it they delivered FAST. I dont know if the times we live in suck that bad or if the 60s and 70s just ruled that much. Anyone have a Delorean I can borrow so I can go check it out for myself?


Knucklenutz said...

Having been there, I would tell you that those iconic days weren't as great as many would have you believe. It was a tome og turmoil and change. The world suddenly became much smaller. You could run bu not hide. However there were also many bright spots. 1967 marked the loss of my Cherry AND the acquisition of my first Knucklehead !

Mr. G said...

Cherry poppin 67! I saw a fat dude riding a knuck today?!

Jimmy Copens said...

I thought you might be interested in the new video just released for the single, I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.

I love old trucks, keep bloggin!