Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1.625" Belt Drive

I put a shorter mainshaft in my transmission which moved the clutch inboard .770", plus I went from running a 3" belt to a 1-5/8" belt. This way I could move everything in closer to the engine & get a lot of weight out of that front pulley spinning on that little 45 sprocket shaft. Im sure somebody makes pulleys & clutch baskets to rig something up but I figured fuck it I will just machine all the stuff that I already have to make this work. So it only cost me $60 for a new belt & some time pissing around on the lathe. Check out the little contraption I made to hold the sprocket nut in place so it can never back off. This puts my mind at ease when I'm motoring across the country.


JB said...

Damn that turned out nice!

Noot said...

Did someone say "Wizard?"

Mr. G said...

Wizard?! Did somebody say,"Sick Tuner"?