Wednesday, December 28, 2011

907cc's HOLD ON!!!

Well I got Jordans XLCH cylinders sized for these .040" over pistons. The cylinders turned out perfect, round & straight with the proper fitment. Gotta check those Vtwin pistons though, one was .001" smaller than the other. Then I figured since it has been so unseasonably warm lately I might as well go for a cruise. Jordan ran into a guy that I went to college with and bought this roller off him. Figured we can drink Blatz and ride it down the hill in his back yard! Neat huh??


JB said...

Blatz might just be the new PBR, dont tell the Hipsters.

Mr. G said...

Another roller?! Got any cool parts on it to sell?

JB said...

sure why not. A guy can never have enough sportster Choppers. Had a nice king queen seat that I am going to use on my 59 after some work. What are you looking for?