Monday, August 29, 2011

Millville Show 2011

Well for a second annual, things went great. We had a great turnout, weather was on our side, no cops rained on our parade, burnouts were plentiful. Teach, Jimmy, Crazy Carl and their better halves made the trip down and made the show that much better. Noot, it was great to meet you man...the stories I heard about you now all seem to make sense!Jeremy from Relic thanks for coming and working the show. Thanks to everyone for making it a great event!


pat said...

yes, thank you to everyone that made it! for more pictures check out these links!

bluedawg said...

Great time in Millville Sat. night.Badass Cars,Bikes,Bands,Burnouts,Beer.Boy o Boy.Next year we all show up again with 3 friends who weren't here this year.