Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, looks like its off to PLAN B

Hey Pat, been doing alot of research on the rim your old man hooked me up with to see exactly what spokes to buy and i came across this little gem. Jockey Journal wheel thread Says i can't use the tire your old man included with this rim. Darn CM profile. It's one of those funky Harley-Money scheme things. Better luck next time I guess LOL. Let him know I still appreciate it a TON! It made me learn a thing or two about wheels lacing and tire fitment!


pat said...

you scured?

BonerDonor said...

SCURRED?! I AINT EVER SCURRED!! I'll make it happen don't worry. I've got soo much on my plate right now, I don't want the harley to take the back burner, so I am gonna pick up a jar of toughen up and fuck the shit out of everything until I get what I need. HAHA